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Hello world!

Hi all for those of you who haven’t found me before as I have journeyed around blog sites, then welcome to my world..

I have had blog in the past on MSN, Xanga and blogspot, but was attracted here because of what I can do on the cheap, and for those of you who know me you know I like the cheap.

For those of you who find me the newbie on wordpress let me introduce myself and my world.

I am a mom first and foremost, who loves to find the best deals, all while raising my unique creative child solo style. I am an active community volunteer–vice chair of my daughter’s school SAC, teach nursery on Sundays, and enter whatever contests I find as a way of doing things for free. I even joined a FREE online website for weight loss and it will be the first site recommendation that I make here.  The tools alone are worth their weight in gold, and then there is the forums and motivational tools–well they are helping this mom get that healthy frugal lifestyle I only once dreamed of. So I give www.sparkpeople.com my first go to site award! Please if you are trying to get healthy I recommend this place, and well I cant be to far off the mark as it is winning lots of support as the place to go for health help. My goal is to be almost half the woman I am by next year at this time.

Well all it is thanksgiving weekend here so I will leave this post with a frugal tip for a low fat turkey gravy, drop a few ice-cubes into your drippings broth, the fat will be attracted immediately to the ice and then scoop them out and viola you are left with a low fat gravy.

May you and yours be blessed…