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Fall Y’all Bloggy Giveaway

giveaway  It is fall so what goes with fall but a good giveaway! So over at Rocks in My Dryer Shannon is hosting a wonderful carnival of bloggy giveaways on each blog you will find a give away. Some of these are NOT open to us Cannucks but there are bunches that are! So if you like contests and sore fingers make sure you follow the link.

Here at my blog we know that I am cheaper then cheap, so with that said I feel karma is a good thing and so I am hosting my own contest here. What am I giving away?????????


If you have not heard of this great lil book let me tell you it is my fall read. I am giving you my copy of this book. I have read it once gently. This contest is open to anyone in the USA and Canada. Sorry international folk I am a single mom on a super tight budget.

“Eat,Pray,Love” is a great read for all, especially any woman who has gone through major changes or trauma like me. I came away feeling encouraged and inspired. So if you want in on this contest here is the how…Leave a comment( make sure I have your email adress, this is how I will contact the winner). As well I dislike Enter me comments so tell me what does Eat Pray Love mean to you in a sentence or two.

This contest ends at NOON EST on Friday Nov2,2007. The winner will be notified later that day. So comment away!

While you are here, this is a new blog for me so tell me what you think, and thanks for stopping by and more you not get sore fingers from all the entering you do.

PS. This contest is open to bloggers and non bloggers alike, please make sure I have an email addy for contact…now go enter, comments please!