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The Fork in the Road

So much has been on my-mind lately as Roo got her report card this week. It reflected what I already knew deep down. At school she is not really learning as her accommodations written into her IEP are not followed. Really if they still failed kids she would be in a failing year. She is below grade level work in every area but Phys Ed and French.

So what is a parent of a special needs child here in Toronto supposed to do? Roo has an LD. She needs support so she can get caught up and stay organized. This is not happening. There are other children in the school who need the resources more. It makes me sad. I want more, better for her.

So what can this cheap parent do? Tutoring is expensive, the private school option is out of the question, so that leaves me with either entrusting her to a system that is questionable or bringing her home to home-school her.

It would mean me and her being together really 24/7 for the next year while I try to do what teachers have not done. It would mean committing to another year out of the work force.  If I am going to do it though this is the year to do it. It is her last year of elementary education. I want her to be well prepared for junior high. This is one of those fork in the road choices. It will have consequences for the both of us no matter which path I choose.

IPRC, and the TDSB and a LONG Wait

Some of you know this, I am the parent of a little girl in grade 4 in the Toronto District School Board. Today we had Roo’s annual review. I asked questions specifically about things that will help her as she has an learning disability as well as walking the Asperger’s/ADHD line ( which means she is dually tracked LD/behavior for IPRC purposes).

 I have been asking for an OT assessment since the beginning of the school year as my daughter writes at about a early grade 2 level( this has not improved at all over the last 18 months where she has done amazing well in getting better at reading, and in self control-thanks in large part to the great staff at her school). Writing is her handicap and really it is stopping her from having the education that most children receive.

 A computer in the classroom that was assigned to her would help so much but it seems that if I stay inside the system that the need will NOT get met for at least another school year, in the meantime my child languishes with a substandard education. It is now taking  the average special needs child over 18 months to get any type of assessments in this board. For her assignments, homework and the like take twice as long, she becomes frustrated with herself and it becomes a battle.

A computer would really give us a handle on where she is really at as assignments etc would be done faster, better and handed in in a manner that a teacher can properly evaluate where she is at. I want what every parent wants a good quality education that leaves her in the regular classroom with her self esteem intact as much as possible. In Toronto special needs children do not get the education for the most part that they need. Funding is more then lacking for this children. Getting testing and things like computers that would put them on a equal footing are hard to get inside the system that frustrates both parent and child as well as the local school. I found a computer   and the 2 programs that would have to be loaded on it for her to get the best benefit


now I just need $450… and for this mom who isn’t working because I have a child who needs me at home it is not doable. So I am starting the ROO FUND.. every penny of change I get will go to the ROO FUND to get her a computer for the classroom before the end of THIS  year, not next or the year after that…If you can think of creative ways for me to raise funds let me know. If you want to donate or have a laptop that you can spare that is less then 2 years old, and is in working order let me know that too..I don’t want her to fall through the cracks and I can see we are sitting on the ledge between educational success and failure.