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Conversation over Coffee

 Yesterday afternoon I was over at another mom’s house. We were trying to get things ready for my daughter’s school fall fair which is on Saturday. The conversation turned to cheapness and parenting and how they go hand in hand. This other mom is a Stay home mommy by choice. She said I decided to be home with mine right now, and yes that means cutting back on certain things and you cant compete with the neighbours…

So thinking of the choice I made to be here while Roo was getting diagnosed and stable..what did I give up to become this cheap momma that I am.

1) An hour commute each way to work..I take transit and rush hour traffic is not a good thing..I was glad to see this go!

2) Adult interaction–I have been blessed because I still get this because I volunteer, and the thing about volunteering it often comes with freebies or hidden benefits.

3) Eating Out- We eat at home. I can buy a pizza on sale for $3.99 instead of doing the $20 order in, or make great hamburgers instead of the golden arches. I also take snacks on alot of our day trips.

4)Going to the Movies–Okay this is one I miss but when Coke has their movies passes on for my coke coins I stock up! Then a movie costs the total of a box of popcorn. Other wise we use the library for our rentals!

5) New clothes and shoes–Yes I cant buy at the beginning of the seasons for me and Roo. What I have found are some great consignment and second hand shops…Did you know you can wardrobe a 9 yr old for under $100 a year? For me I buy when I need and make do! Thank goodness for the classic look.

6)Visits to the salon. Instead of spending $100 for my cut and color. I now color myself and go to the hairdresser once every 10 weeks.

So have I really had to give up? Or am I now wealthier in ways that really matter? I figure I am time rich. I can sit and read to Roo when she wants me, I am the on helping with homework and in the school so I am a mom in the know.  I have time to give in my community and that brings blessings. I can bake cookies when I want or visit the sick or do so many things that I couldn’t do when I worked full-time.

This conversation over coffee (diet coke for me) made me stop and think about that choice I made and I am thankful that I am now this cheap mom who is as wealthy as I need to be!