Major Changes Ahead for Ontario Works

Okay some of my readers know I receive sociall assistance ( aka welfare or Ontario Works). Not that I dont want to work I do but solo parenting a special needs child with a lack of support makes the typical job not in the cards right now.

Well today I met with my worker who presented documentation to me that will change my benefits to a huge degree come August 1, 2008!

Here is what is happening:

No longer will Ontario Work recipients who are parents receive:

BASIC needs allowance for children — a loss of $211 dollars to this parent of one child per month

No Clothing Allowances— loss of $180 per year

total losses equal $2712.00 for this mom!

What do we get to replace this?

The Ontario Child tax Credit $50

and the end of the claw back the National Child Tax Supplement  $121.76 for this parent

so a gain back of only $171.76 per month

Total gainback per annum $2055.00

Total overall losses per annum $657 overall for this mom

So basically as of August 1st instead of having a $50 positive cash flow from the introduction of the Ontario Child Tax Credit there will be a $50 per month loss with the expectation that we stretch it     further to include back to school and winter clothing expenses. As one who already lives as cheaply as I can this is going to hurt. It means getting mean and leaner then lean and I thought I was already pushing the limits of creativity but this will push me to do better.

This means that us “poorer” parents in Ontario will in no means benefit by the creation of the the Ontario Child Tax Credit.

8 responses to “Major Changes Ahead for Ontario Works

  1. Misty Robichaud

    Hey I fully agree with what you’re saying….. except according to an ISAC (Income Security Advocacy Centre) article I just finished the NCBS Clawback is not going to end…… They’re “only” going to “clawback” $72 instead of the usual $122. Maybe you might want to look into that. I came across your article because I was doing research to bring this issue up to the low-income advocacy groups in my own area. Keep on fighting woman!! You’re not alone!!

  2. i just called my ontario works office and they assured me that we will be getting more money not less.. they dont have exact numbers ,, does anyone know where to call to get the exact numbers ????

  3. carolyn leblanc

    ya they keep reassuring people that there is going to be more money. but i have checked the websites from the government for the exact amounts, and this is correct. For me a person on Disability it is worse I am going to be loosing over $300.00 monthly income. They also are not telling people that in October they are planning on reintroducing the clawback so be prepared and dont start spending that money because it goes away again. This will mean that I will be in fact $600.00 short every month.
    Why you may ask yourself. Well the simple answer is that they want people off the system to go and get jobs. All these lovely benefits will return to you once you get a minimum wage job.

  4. I am so shocked , I have lost almost $400 to my ontario works. So they were lying all this time. I am going to get it back by applying for special diet.

  5. Wow I am only getting a whole $10 dollars more on my ontario works…as if it ain’t already hard to live. There is going to be alot of upset people.

  6. They’re crooks in the fall they told me I would receive extra on my next cheque to pay hydro and for my heating. the check came in with no increase I phone he office they tell me they don;t give more than what they already do. They lie!

  7. While workers can have bad attitudes about how they deliver social assistance programs, the main barrier to fair treatment is the legislation itself.
    The only way to rectify this is to mobilize those in poverty to vote. This is how our system works. That is why, out of all the programs that the government offers on resume writing, job searching, etc., there will never be any “workshops” on how to make the government respond to the needs of the poor. It is simply not in the government’s interest to offer such programs.
    Poverty is an industry, just like oil or tobacco.

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