Menu Monday and Cheap Cooking

I am really trying to tighten my budget when it comes to grocery shoping. So going to try and cook on the cheap, the real cheap. Why? I want to save money for our first family vacation in 10 years.

So here is the menu for this week….

Monday-Kraft dinner and hotdogs, broccoli ($2)

Tuesday-Sweet and Sour Tofu, rice,red peppers($3)

Wednesday-Meatloaf, mashed potatoes,corn($5)


Friday-Cheese Pizza, and salad($5)

Saturday-Kid Pleasing Spaghetti, and Salad($4)

Sunday-BBQ Chicken Pieces, rice, carrots($3)

Now I am off to Laura’s to see what is cooking for everyone else.

3 responses to “Menu Monday and Cheap Cooking

  1. Looks like mac and cheese and hot dogs today for you too! I am very new to Menu Plan Monday, but am looking forward to getting to know you 🙂

  2. We’re having pizza on saturday! Is your pizza homemade? I have our awsome pizza recipe on my blog!

    Looks yummy….and cheap!

  3. marley howards

    Nice blog! I’m glad I’ve stumbled upon this. I’m trying to budget my groceries too. I haven’t tried any meal planning as of yet. Thank you for the ideas!

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