Works for Me Wednesday: Tithing

Along time ago I learned a lesson about life. When we give God back what is his he returns and really does bless us. How do I know this? He has always met my needs. Even on the darkest days my basic needs have been met. I say tithingis better then fire insurance.  If you want to put God to the test I know this is one law of his that does not fail. I can tell you story after story in my life how he has provided. From finding sales just when I need something to how have I have learned to do things on the cheap. For me being cheap does not mean robbing God! Why would I when I have seen the benefits of the tithe. May I recommend putting Him to the test. For me this works!

Now lets go see what is working for everyone else today over at Rocks in My Dryer  .

6 responses to “Works for Me Wednesday: Tithing

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this truth.
    God is good!


  2. While I’m not sure I would recommend this as a way to test God, I have found it to be true that I really can’t “outgive” Him.

  3. I couldn’t agree more! We may not be living in “fat city” but He ALWAYS meets our NEEDS! GREAT tip.

  4. While I would definitely agree with you that God will take care of His children, I’m very hesitant to say that His blessings are dependent upon our giving money. Blessings and curses did work that way in His relationship with Israel (hence the Malachi 3:10 verse you may be thinking of), yet He does not relate to the Church that way since Jesus has fulfilled the Law. I do think it is a spiritual discipline to give money, yet Jesus never instructs us to give a specific tithe in order that we might receive blessings, rather we are to give even when it’s a sacrifice for us because others need it and selfless generosity is a hallmark of the kingdom of God. I think it’s kind of a balance in that we give out of obedient hearts and trust that God will take care of us…but we know that His “taking care of us” might look very differently from what we expect, and it certainly might not look like financial rewards, it might be spiritual blessings or something else He wants to do in our hearts. I’m very hesitant about saying that God wants us to test Him when we give money…in a way that we expect Him to give back to us what we gave. Maybe I’m misunderstanding you?

  5. Excellent words. Thanks. I recently did a short series on God’s Provision. It starts at

    You might find it interesting.

    God Bless. God is Good!!

  6. Yeah God loves it when we give to Him. But I personally have a reservation about giving tithes in church, I do not know why. I prefer to give to some needy person. I have a heart of giving, but I do not know why I can’t give tithes.

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