Shopping When You Dont Want To

Well yesterday was intersting in my house. Miss Roo decided to play around and was jumping on my hideabed. Guess what broke? It wont even open.

So n0w I have to shop for somewhere to sleep for me. Last night it was an uncomfortable sleep on the brown loveseat. I have posted on my local frecycle that Iam shopping for a fouton and frame as that is what I think will fit in the space. I was also looking at the ads on craiglist. Now if I go the new route I will be looking at $200, now that is spending that was not in the budget.  Ever had a week where your budget just got thrown out the window?

2 responses to “Shopping When You Dont Want To

  1. Ummmmm, like EVERY week something new seems to be thrown our way, such as when my daughter’s black nail polish got ground up in our ice machine. Ahhhhh, good times!

  2. It always seems like something unexpectedly comes up. And it’s hard, you always have to wonder how you are going to make it through the week.

    Good luck on your hunt!

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