The Fork in the Road

So much has been on my-mind lately as Roo got her report card this week. It reflected what I already knew deep down. At school she is not really learning as her accommodations written into her IEP are not followed. Really if they still failed kids she would be in a failing year. She is below grade level work in every area but Phys Ed and French.

So what is a parent of a special needs child here in Toronto supposed to do? Roo has an LD. She needs support so she can get caught up and stay organized. This is not happening. There are other children in the school who need the resources more. It makes me sad. I want more, better for her.

So what can this cheap parent do? Tutoring is expensive, the private school option is out of the question, so that leaves me with either entrusting her to a system that is questionable or bringing her home to home-school her.

It would mean me and her being together really 24/7 for the next year while I try to do what teachers have not done. It would mean committing to another year out of the work force.  If I am going to do it though this is the year to do it. It is her last year of elementary education. I want her to be well prepared for junior high. This is one of those fork in the road choices. It will have consequences for the both of us no matter which path I choose.

One response to “The Fork in the Road

  1. Have you tried checking at the local community centre or at any local churches? There are some which will do free tutoring for students in the area.

    The other option may be to contact U of T, York U or the local colleges. Students interested in going to Teacher’s College are always looking for ways to develop their skills and you might find a tutor that way. Same thing for Educational Assistants in training at college since many go on to work with kids with LDs.

    I hope this helps!

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