A New to Canada Snack: Oreo Cakesters

oreo Today I received my campaign box from BzzAgent. In it was a box of Cakesters, as they were released on the Canadian market last month.   When I opened the box Roo said “I was waiting for someone to invent these”. You see both of us love Oreos and chocolate! I was certainly a happy camper when I got to test drive this new to us snack. Roo had a friend over so they were my testers. They got a great review from the kiddos. Now we all know that Oreo is known for a rich chocolate taste I find these lighter but better then another certain chocolate snack cake that has been a staple in this house. We are always looking for good snacks. Now they come wrapped with 2 in a pack. Because of how big they are I recommend eat one and share with a friend. Now they do have an allergy alert on the package so this is a NO go for school here which is unfortunate but none of the ingredients are nut related so I am going to say must be made in a factory where there is a chance of trace from machinery etc. Over all we will buy the product again. If you have tried these let me know what you think.

One response to “A New to Canada Snack: Oreo Cakesters

  1. OOooo, I haven’t seen these yet!! I love the taste of Oreos, but not so much the crunchy crumbliness, so this would probably be perfect. I will definitley be trying them out when they hit our store. (which could be a while yet because we totally live out in the middle of nowhere!!) Thanks for the product review!

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