What WorKs for Me Backwards Day- Detoxing Help Needed

 This week I tried a shake off a friend of mine who became an Isagenix rep. The taste was great but because my body is so full of toxins I had a yucky reaction.

So while I am trying to detox my body help me today and tell me your favorite detoxing tips for yourself and your home.

Now I am off to my friend Rocks in my Dryer to see what questions everyone else are asking.

3 responses to “What WorKs for Me Backwards Day- Detoxing Help Needed

  1. I don’t believe in detoxing.
    Most of it is just laxating a lot.

    I think that eating the products of the season and drinking a lot are enough. Apart from relazing and doing other healthy things.

    You can find my “works for me” at:

    Laane on the World

    Have a great day!!!

  2. I have never tried a formal detox program, but have found that lots of water (I am a personal huge fan of smartwater) and a couple days of only veggies and lean protein (I usually eat salads with chicken breat and dressed in balasamic vinegar, no oil) cleans my system out of all the processes white flour/white sugar and gets me feeling better.

  3. Isagenix offer an amazing detox cleanse diet that cleanses the body on the cellular level. Their products are safe, effective, natural and almost entirely organic.
    Isagenix is awesome. Their products do what they say they are going to do and much more. I have done my research and have not found a comparable product line on the market as far as quality. I tell everyone I know about Isagenix because I believe I have a gift of health to share with them. To learn more about Isagenix, health, nutrition, exercise and weight loss, Please Visit Out Isagenix and weight loss Blog at http://www.weightlossmessage.com

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