WWFMW: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Save Money

Many  of you may know that going as green (envirment friendly) has been one of my major tasks for the last two years..

This year I stepped it up a bit. I got cloth bags that i picked up for $.99 each at my local  grocery store. No more $.05  a bag each time I shop and I help the enviroment too.

I bought reusable containers at the dollar store for Roo’s lunch, so no more plastic baggies or juicebox garbage.

By doing little things like these I find that going green and being cheap go hand in hand.

Now off to read what is working for everyone else this week over at Rocks in My Dryer .

9 responses to “WWFMW: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Save Money

  1. Good for you!! I try, I really do. I should buy some cloth shopping bags too

  2. I need to find cloth bags that will hold up…maybe I’ll end up making some. You’ve got the right idea….and going green doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, does it?

  3. We went to those plastic bins rather than bags for the main trips. Love love love them. Get the ones with the strapping, and they are so much easier to carry and fit in our car /so/ much better. The bags (love love the PC ones personally, not as keen on the ones from Ultra) are great for smaller trips, or if you have to carry things walking or on the bus.

  4. Great ideas! Buying some cloth grocery bags is on my ‘to do’ list. 🙂

    I got your comment on my blog….if you would like a free magnet, just email me your mailing info. I’ll get it out to you as soon as I gather everyone’s addresses! 🙂 Also, I’m checking out blogrolling’s service right now and setting up a blogroll soon.

    melody (@) penniesinmypocket (dot) net


  5. Good for you! I have those cloth bags, too. But my problem is remembering to bring them into the store. Really, I should get in the habit of putting them on the front seat of the car so they’re staring at me. I always remember when I’m halfway through shopping!

  6. Hi, again! Thanks for visiting. I’m pretty sure, though, that the solar eclipse I remember was much earlier than the 70s.

  7. Ditto with mom2fur! I’m always forgetting to bring them into the stores 😦

  8. I started out using the plastic bins from Food Basics – which worked really well, then I bought some bags from No Frills (PC) – these are the best – they hold a lot more then expected too.

    To keep from forgetting them – as soon as they are emptied – they are placed by the front door – the next time we get in the car we put them in the trunk – so whenever we shop, we have them.

    I have about 8 – but usually use 6 each week for a family of 3.

  9. I live in the Uk and i go absolutely mad when i’m in the supermarket at just how many plastic bags people use for their shopping. Often they put only a few items in one bag and i think what are you doing.
    As you can guess i use cloth bags too, i use the ones which have a cardboard insert at the bottom, i find that they also hold my shopping better rather than rolling it around in a plastic bag.

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