What Works for Me Wedesday: Valentine’s Day For the Frugal Parent

Yesterday over at The Lucky Cannuck I wrote about Valentine’s day and being lucky in love even though I am a solo parent. Today for me a cheap frugal parent there are lots of ways to make tomorrow special for my daughter and me….I think this year I spent $5 for the day.

1. First shhh..but she will wake up to her favorite breakfast of waffles and at her spot in the table she will find a wee present from mom —I used a left over clay pot, filled it with jelly beans and heart shaped lollipops both bought at the dollar store..it looks like a plant! Also from the dollar store was the cutes lil heart purse so she is getting that too. I made her card.

2.For dinner we will actually be doing something different then I had planned on the menu. We are having one of OUR fav meals —Lasagna.

3. To take care of me and show me some love–after she goes to bed well it is ME time..a nice bubble bath, and a good read are in store.

There are lots of ways to celebrate the day and be frugal at the same time and include the kids. One of the themes we are doing all month so we can really see the love in this house is to document it on our LOVE WALL. When we catch each other being loving and kind we cut out a read heart and write a note sharing what we saw..we then put this up on our love wall( we have one wall dedicated to hearts).

So how are you celebrating tomorrow? Don’t forget that ecards are a great way to show lots of people a little love!  Now off to Dont Try This At Home to see what is working for everyone else today.

3 responses to “What Works for Me Wedesday: Valentine’s Day For the Frugal Parent

  1. Just came across your blog from the wordpress homepage, but am a huge fan of (and sometimes participant in) WFMW.

    I love that you’re doing so much for you and your daughter on the dreaded Valentine’s Day. I, too, am a single mom (single/solo) but had not thought that much about doing much more than pretending it wasn’t the 14th of February. Thanks for the great ideas!

  2. I bought hubby a card …. I am hoping he didnt forget to buy me one or my feeling will be hurt and then he’ll feel guilty and it will be a mess.

    We dont really “do” V-day for the girls though

  3. Hi great post i hadn’t really thought about the kids on valentines day but why shouldn’t they be included, you love them too right.
    Anyway for frugal valentines day ideas see my page for some different ideas.

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