Menu Monday- Cleaning Out What I Have

Okay sometimes you need to get rid of the food you have in your house before you spend another dollar- that is where I am at right now! So with that said for the rest of the month I will only be buying eggs, milk and fresh fruit and veggies. I am cleaning out my freezer and pantry so I can clean them in time for spring.

So with that in mind here is my menu

Monday- spaghetti with meat sauce, salad, dessert- lemon cake with vanilla icing ( had company in)

Tuesday-eggs, bagels and tomato slices

Wednesday-bbq chicken breast, rice, carrots

Thursday- Veggie Soup and Grilled Cheese

Friday- Hotdogs and french fries, mixed frozen veggies

Saturday-cheese pizza, salad

Sunday- Shepard’s pie or leftovers

Now off to Laura’s  to see what is on the menu everywhere else.

One response to “Menu Monday- Cleaning Out What I Have

  1. That is totally where I am too…. good luck in the creativity department. Looks like you had a good week planned; hope it went well. I learned a few lessons about “interesting combinations” this past week…

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