Greening the Grocery List

I think most of are trying to find ways that we can go green and be enviromentally friendly. I know I am! I am also looking for ways to be cheap (frugal). For me I really can do both.

1. The first thing I have done and am continuing to do is to do meatless meals in every week’s menu plan. I try and go meatless at least twice per week.

2. Second I shop with reusable bags and NOT plastic bags.

3. Buy seasonal and local. This not only saves on the enviroment but saves on the pocket book as well.

4. I try to bulk buy as well so I can save on trips to the grocery store and cut costs at the same time.

5.Visit your local farmer markets when you can. Great way to shop local and meet some locals too! 

2 responses to “Greening the Grocery List

  1. Congratulations on your efforts to be frugal and environmentally friendly!

    Another thing you can do is to use cloth napkins at home. I have started using cloth napkins instead of paper for most meals. Cloth napkins make every meal special and you will really save money by using them. Plus, each napkin can be used more than once and won’t really add a burden to your laundry duty.

  2. Buying in bulk is the ONLY way to go. We also like to visit our local Farmer’s market.

    Thanks for all the ideas!

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