Getting Dental Work Done the Cheap Way.

Well today I am off for to the dentist. Since mid December I have been in dental pain and too chicken to go to the dentist. First here in Toronto there aren’t many dentists who will take an Ontario Works client. When you are poor and live in the city it is harder to access dental care at least it is here in Canada. But luckily I found one who will do the emergency treatment that I need. But for the long run she was telling about some programs that are here. Since then I have found that many major cities across Canada and even North America have options similar to this. So why not take care of your mouth?  For a long time for me it was a fear factor. Don’t know why or where it began but I feared the dentist.

So where to go here in the city first to get my teeth cleaned there are several options George Brown offers free cleaning, as do many other private colleges here in the city that train dental hygienists. So no more excuses for teeth not being cleaned, you do however have to be available for about 5 appointments.  For things like needed fillings, root canals and like there is the University of Toronto and there is a cost. The cost is 1/3 what you would have to pay at a dentist’s office.   In Hamilton they have the Dental Bus for emergencies and a local dental hygenie college so i do remember what is there.

So after many years of hating my mouth it is time that I attack the issues of poor dental care. If you are anything like me you can do it too just search out your local programs.

31 responses to “Getting Dental Work Done the Cheap Way.

  1. The trick here is to find out what the criteria is before applying
    Ontario Works Act, 1997
    S.O. 1997, CHAPTER 25
    Who receives benefits
    8.Benefits may be provided for,
    (a) a recipient or a dependant;
    (b) a person eligible to receive income support under the Ontario Disability Support Program Act, 1997 or a dependant; and
    (c) members of the prescribed classes of persons. 1997, c. 25, Sched. A, s. 8.
    Ontario Works Act, 1997
    55. (1) The following benefits shall be paid with respect to each of the members of a recipient’s benefit unit if the administrator is satisfied that he or she meets the criteria for them and income assistance is being paid on his or her behalf:
    1. An amount for health benefits equal to the sum of,
    ii. the cost for dental services and vision items and services, other than a periodic oculo-visual assessment as referred to in paragraph 1.1, for dependent children, if those services and items and that cost have been approved by the Minister,
    (4) The following are the discretionary benefits that may be paid or provided under subsection (3):
    1. The cost of dental services provided to members of the benefit unit other than dependent children.
    59. (1) A delivery agent may pay or provide one or more of the benefits set out in subsection (2) to or on behalf of a person referred to in section 8 of the Act in the amount determined by the administrator. O. Reg. 134/98, s. 59 (1).
    (2) For the purposes of subsection (1), the benefits are the following:
    1. The cost of dental services.
    DIRECTIVE 31.0
    Dental Care for Adults

    Dental care for adults is discretionary. Delivery agents may provide dental services to applicants and participants for emergency dental care (i.e. dental services which are necessary to relieve pain or for medical or therapeutic reasons), and dental care which would support the participation requirements for the participant who is actively looking for work and is job ready . Services provided for cosmetic reasons, such as orthodontic treatment and appliances,
    are not included.

    The delivery agent may enter into an agreement with the Ontario Dental Association (ODA) for one of three levels of service. The delivery agent is billed directly by the ODA and pays for the services required.

    In areas where delivery agents choose not to join the ODA plan, the participant must obtain an estimate of the cost before approval to proceed is given. It is not necessary to ask the participant to obtain more than one estimate unless the administrator feels the estimate submitted is exorbitant.

  2. Wellness, health, aching, confidence and good health all are related to good mouth hygiene. Visit your dental professional often and many aches and pains can be relieved. Smiles will always win over a frown and making a great smile to others will win you over always. Your health is important to all that matters in life and smiling is a big part of it. A constant reader of health articles and remedies are part of my weekly habit and your blog, message and articles help all in participating in wellness habits. Let all smile and take care of your dental hygiene. Thanks.

    smile makeovers

  3. I am in serious need of some dental work and have a mouth full of missing and broken teeth. There is not a single day that goesw by with no mouth pain and unfortunately it is getting worse. I have no coverage and need to get dentures (or a close alternative) but I can not afford them. Does anyone know where I might receive help wither free or really really cheap???PLEASE!!!!! Thank you

  4. Hi!

    I’m looking for a free teeth makeover because I don’t have work and doesn’t even insurance when I worked in the agencies. I have the worst teeth and wants tohave a free dental makeover or even free cleaning.

    • Hi Mark,

      I’m a dental hygiene student attending Regency Dental Hygiene Academy and I just wanted to let you know that I’m looking for clients this coming fall from Oct-Feb. I know your not working right now but we do offer cleanings for only $20 and this includes everything that you would get when you normally visit your regular dental hygienist. The school is located in downtown toronto, I’m not too sure where you are but if your interested just e-mail me and i’ll give you more details. We also offer whitening for $95 which would normally cost about $400-600 on average at any dental office.

      • Hi christine, im currently in much need to see a dentist, have a low income and was very surprised when I read your comment to Mark. I was hoping you can help me out with more details. Im currently in serious need for a root canal!! and cleaning . Plz hlp

      • Hello
        I have not had my teeth cleaned in over 5 years due to the fact that the cost has beeen prohibitive
        I would like to be able to have you clean my teeth if this is still open
        Thank You

      • hi there..i am also in this situation…i need to see a dentist badly..i need quiet bit work on my teeth…please give me more information regarding this program..thanks..

      • Ashley piercey

        I am interested in a cleaning also do u do any other dental work I need my wisdom teeth pulled as they r pushing my other teeth forward n am in a lot of pain as well as one filling n a root canal please get back to me thanks

      • Hi Christine,

        I was reading what you were saying to Mark. I was wondering if there was a way that you could help out my boyfriend with his teeth please email me if u would like to know more.

  5. I want to know why OHIP does not cover dental? Or regulate the greedy dentistal industry?
    I take care of my teeth as best I can (brush and floss everyday), yet as I age (mid 40’s now) I need root canals and the like, but cannot afford them so I live with the pain and remove a tooth if I can’t take it any longer.
    I am considered the working poor and cannot afford dentists going rate, so I go to UofT dental school for emergencies only (ie: 2 extractions).
    Living in Mississauga, there are absolutely no facilities like UofT, so it’s a long trek and big expense of time and lost wages to go there.
    IMO the government needs to recognize that oral health is a huge part of ALL of our overall health and needs to include the working poor ADULTS in a plan so everyone (not just ontario works recipiants and seniors and children) can have access to free dental and be healthy too.
    Or at least regulate the dental industry so all can afford it.
    Just my 0.02

  6. To Cathy:
    If it’s convenient, go to Uof T dental school.
    Or try George Brown College Dental.
    If you live in southern Ontario try the dental school at Western.

    Hope that helps

  7. Oxford community college has free services also

  8. I have a bad teeth and have several implants, too. I wish you’re just in town so I could have you do my teeth. More power to you and to your site!

  9. I strongly believe that stress is the main factor in our teeth going downhill. I had excellent teeth and a perfect smile, I never even thought about it, till I lost it. I took care of my teeth and ate properly but worry I believe created acids that eroded my teeth. They are now half the size, I really don’t have too much pain but I have one tooth that has an abscess from time to time but I simply have too much to take care of in my mouth and its problems were assessed by a dentist to be in the range of $20,000 and even then, he couldn’t give me an exact quotation. With an estimate like this, why would I even start, I might as well just let my teeth kill me.

  10. Dentists are crooks

    I too am considered the working poor. I used to have a killer smile and now have some hurting teeth, one of which is in the front and I am now missing half of the tooth! Canada sucks when it comes to actually being in need of dental. We are taxed to death here and we get nothing to show for it. I used to live in the U.S and they would have lots of options for cheap dental care. I am sooo sick of this country and the taxes. Most of my salary goes towards my medication. I seriously want out of here!

  11. i have awful teeth that hurt all the time and they are so crooked that i look like i am talking out the side of my mouth. They are also very rotten and i have been to sooooo many dentists that i have lost count. They say that they can be saved but i disagree, they dont live with my mouth and all they pain. I have to take pain killers just to sleep at night, if i dont find a dentist that will just pull them out already i will do it myself. For those of you with “nice” teeth that want to say to me ” if they can save them then that would be the best thing, dont you want your real teeth?” dont bother becaus eyou have no idea what it is like to live like this. I am about to get married and i wont even be able to smile in my pictures. My children ask my why i have ugly teeth and why are mine different from everyone elses, not to mention all the health problems from them. I just want to crawl in a hole and die.

    • Megan.. if you havent found a solution yet, aa denturist not a dentist will pull them out for you and set you up with dentures. I was in the same position could not afford the many root canals i needed on top teeth and took that route.

  12. dentistry… the endless money fountain, only drank by those greedy enough to charge unorthodox amounts of hard earned canadians money, those that provide services to the dentists themselves for reasonable rates, you would think they would render there services for a comparable rate, or at least not for 10 times more

  13. Check out independent dental hygiene clinics in your area. These are operated by registered dental hygienists and they charge less for teeth cleaning than hygienists working in a dentist office.

  14. The best thing to do is to check online for the best clinic near you. You can also ask for referrals to be sure of the quality for your tooth job.

  15. I am living in Orilia Ontario, and i cannot find a single dentist who will do work with someone one OW, they all say “no we dont do that” and some even hung up on me!, this is sickening, the only reason i am on assitance is because i have 4 wisdom teeth that needed to be removed 2 years ago, 1 broken tooth (i sleep 2 hours a day for the past few weeks) another broken tooth that died and is black, and numerous other problems that have gotten worse because i can in no way shape or form afford a dentist and i live in a small town and all the dentists here only want to make money, i went into the hospital with bleeding gums and i was told to “go home, we dont deal with dental issues go call the dentist”, This country has free heatlh care my A@#. I cant live my life and i am 28 because of this, i cant get a job because i cant sleep, it has destroyed my life and anyone i talk to in the dental field or medical dosent give two s#its about someone in pain. If i had an injury this painful anywhere else but my mouth the hospital would have to take care of it or be sued. After two years of this bulls*#t i am quite confident that the government of Canada would rather have me die of this than pull a couple teeth for me. Sickening, Ohip should cover dental, as dental is life threatening when it gets left alone. But i guess ill just sit here wishing i could rip my face off until i go nuts and they lock me in the hospital (oh wait they do that but they wont even look in your mouth!) .

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  17. I clean my teeth myself at home day in day out. Oil pulling is amazingly effective!!!

  18. What’s up mates, how is everything, and what you wish for to say regarding this piece of writing, in my view its genuinely remarkable for me.

  19. Hi, my name is Michael and i’m looking for a dentist to do some work on my teeth. I left home when I was 14 and never had a dentist. I went to school for business/marketing (which I will never get a job in that field if I leave my teeth like this). I joined the labourer union and I want to know if there is anything I can do to get my teeth fixed for cheap. I could ( if I worked hard) get about 2000 dollars together. I just don’t know where to go at this point. I know I covered under my union benefits but not for cosmetic. I know that ill get to get some new teeth but I just don’t know a lot of money. Someone please tell me what my options are?

  20. offers 25% dentists fees (unlimited visits to dentists in their network) for only 40 bucks a year. they are based in the GTA and have a ton of offices there. just a heads up!

  21. I do not have benefits and only have part time work right now, really could use some help with a broken tooth/ filling if it’s possible. Please contact me

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