Birthday Partying on the Frugal Side

 Sorry I haven’t been blogging much lately..Got sick as I posted on Christmas Day and well really didn’t get better till this week. Then guess what I had to have done emergency dental work. I had my wisdom tooth pulled, and have to get two more done. Can you say ouch! Dental work here in Canada is tres expensive! I am expecting all Donations to the save Hollie’s mouth fund! With all the assessments in it will cost about $2,500 at the cheap university clinic to do the work. I have to have 3 pulled, 5 filled, and my teeth cleaned in quadrants, as well as then have dentures made for the missing spots. It will take about 12 more visits and then I should be on my way back to a healthy mouth. I hate my mouth! On a cheap note, take care of our teeth or you could end up in huge dental debt and sicker then sick besides that.

On an kinder side of things my dear daughter turned 10 on Jan 2nd, and so last Friday night we celebrated her becoming a decade old! For me it was important to do as cheap as possible.  So it was decided that she could host a sleepover! I recommend sleepovers for a cheap party. Her guests her 2 best buds came over at 6:30. I had ordered pizza (241)($21) for the girls and bought a 2 litre of soda for $.88. Decorations and games all came from stuff we had in the house. I gave each girl a new toothbrush and toothpaste($6) for a treat for them. First game was 


1. Crazy Dress Up..the girls took turns dressing each up each other as crazy as possible within 45 seconds and I snapped a pic of their creative fashion sense.

2. We then did beauty makeovers of manicures and pedicures! Gave each girl a nail polish to take home.

3. After that the girls played the board game High School musical, they laughed all the way through this game( glad I got if for her for Christmas).

4. Then it was movie time-The Girls watched High School Musical 2( a freebie) and Sleepover.


They were actually asleep by 12:30 am!

In the morning served them waffles and juice and the girls were on there way home by 10 am! A good time was had by all with minimal expense. Roo for her birthday did get a keyboard from me and a mp3 player from her dad. A great time was had by all even mom.

2 responses to “Birthday Partying on the Frugal Side

  1. I loved having slumber parties for my boys. We made frozen pizzas, had generic soda, and they played video games. Sometimes we borrowed movies from the library. I popped popcorn the old-fashioned way, on the stove in oil. In the morning the they ate whatever I had on hand before they went home. They never got to sleep at 12:30am though. You were one lucky mom!

  2. Looks like fun!

    I think people sometimes forget that kids are experts at having a good time–they don’t need a million fancy toys and gadgets to entertain them. With an adult’s guidance, they can usually have a blast doing just about anything!

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