Daily Archives: December 26, 2007

A Very Ill Holiday

Both Roo and I are both sick. We got sick on Christmas Eve, and have been in bed ever since. We got up to open presents ysterday and then went back to bed. So I mostly slept through my birthday and Christmas… I hope you all had a better one then we did. I am up for about an hour to make some soup and then we are going back to bed….

Christmas day and Boxing Days have been basically days of bed and tv watching in this house. We did open presents though. Roo was SPOILED! She got a be bratz( another website for her to interact on), an epet, another Bratz doll, Cranium, an Art Kit, Uno, Cinq-o, a purse filled with lipsmackers and Mary Kate and Asley perfume, clothes, socks, and of course candy. Me I got pjs of couse, bath and body products, aloe socks( these are very soft), earrings, a top, mp3player, and a journal.