Daily Archives: December 20, 2007

The Golden Compass Debate -Part 2

Well it seems that we really do have narrow minded school boards in a land of diversity! The Halton School board not only decided to pull “The Golden Compass” off the shelves but also all of the trilogy that the book is part of!

They did not decide to follow their own board’s book review committee either. They went out on their own stating it didn’t match with the values the board is trying to teach. Okay they maybe their libraries shouldn’t be paid for out of tax dollars if only one point of view is taught. If we are not going to encourage thinking children across the boards here in Ontario maybe we need to rethink what children in PUBLIC school should have access too, and who makes those choices. Should narrow thinking trustees rule?

There own committee said the books were suited for an audience of grade 7 to 10 and I agree, as that is what it is written for.

I will write more later tonight so expect this to get edited..