Menu Monday-Cooking with TVP

Well it is that time again, time to plan the menu and last week I picked up some TVP! What is TVP? Well we use it as a meat extender in this house but it is a soybean product that can boost protein eating in many dishes. So how will I use it, you will have to see my menu over the next couple of months to see( yes I have that much).

Monday- Tacos( we love Tacos and by using a mix of TVP and hamburger we can really stretch this).

Tuesday-Veggie Spaghetti  (slow cooker recipe) and Salad

Wednesday-Breakfast for Dinner-Cheese Omelet and Tomato Slices

Thursday-Hotdogs and French-fries and corn

Friday-we have been invited out

Saturday-cheese pizza(bought on sale for $3.99) and salad

Sunday-Roast Chicken, potatoes, carrots, corn( whole chickens are 2 for $10 at Food Basics).One of the ways I make this really flavorful is to add some sweet onion dressing to the chicken. Makes for a very yummy bird.

Christmas Tip–Have you started your Christmas baking yet? If not this is the week to get it out of the way..This week Roo and I will make sugar cookies  for her classes. The recipe we use is on the Kraft Website and we love it…

Now go to the Organizing Junkie to see all the other menu plans every one is cooking up this week.


4 responses to “Menu Monday-Cooking with TVP

  1. i’m interested in the soybean protein let me know please what you think.:) it all sounds good..have a great week

  2. The Veggie Spaghetti looks very good! I’ll have to try it.

  3. I miss the Kraft Canada recipe book the most at this time of year. Kraft products in the US are so different. No Philly cream cheese dips, no Kraft peanut butter, it’s baffling how few products there are you would think there’d be more.

    So I emailed Kraft to get back on their email recipe list again and I’ve requested the book to go to my MILs house in Edmonton.

    I make the white chocolate, candy cane and almond bark every year, plus I like to make outmeal choc chip cookie mixes in jars and give them away as gifts to neighbors, etc. And I make their chocolate truffle recipe some years – hopefully this year if all goes well. Those make nice teacher appreciation gifts.

    I was reading today about a couple of coupon deal sites and thought of you – I’ll try to find them and then email you the links.

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