Save Money on Your Holiday Grocery Shops

Okay did anyone else notice that right after Halloween, not only the malls pulled out their Christmas finery but so did the grocery store!

Since when is the local grocery store the place to buy presents?

Here are some suggestions to save money in this season that seems to grab for your wallet…

 1. Plan your Dec meals NOW! Menu planning and then shopping with a grocery list of needed items only has helped me so very much. It hinders that impulse buy of that box of chocolate that is so conveniently located at the end of an aisle.

2. Bake and freeze now for your holidays needs it will stop you from the mad dash to pick up something to take or have on hand when guests stop by and we all know this is the month for visiting right..

3. Continue your flyer shopping for those loss leaders( hopefully this is something we all do), but only buy what you normally would and can and will use.

4. Shop during the week and day if you can, if you cant shop early in the am after a good breakfast. This stops the tiredness of the holiday line ups.

5. Only shop once or twice for your Dec groceries..I for some reason find December a hard month on my grocery budget so this helps me keep things in check.

6. If you can shop without kids…

7. Use what you have on hand: empty out that freezer because we all know that January brings better food prices right..

8. If you live in an urban area like I do here in Toronto I love to use certain food/treat warehouses. This too helps me to save. First I always hit the Peek Freans warehouse outlet on OConner, and did you know there is a Lindt/Lindor one now on Markham Road as well. Both of these will keep my chocolate spending in check!

With all this said and done hopefully we can keep some of our loonies and toonies in our wallets where they belong! Consider this my Christmas tip of the day!

Today I am thankful for a sister who I love to call my friend who is turning the big 40 this week!

6 responses to “Save Money on Your Holiday Grocery Shops

  1. This is absolutely the worst time of year for practical grocery deals, isn’t it? Everything is candy and cookies and stuff I don’t need!

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  4. True, there are certain grocery products that don’t seem to go on sale at all this time of year.
    But what I do notice in Michigan, starting mid-November, is a lot of sales and coupons on pantry items: flour, sugar, spices, etc.; along with promotions on small kitchen appliances, dishes and cookie sheets.
    The stores obviously are aiming for the holiday shoppers. So I take advantage of the seasonal prices on those items and stock up or replace supplies that can be used year-round.

  5. You live by a Peak Frean AND Lindt warehouse?! You lucky bean!

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