About The Golden Compass Debate

Okay first we all know the movie The Golden Compass is about to be released this holiday season. The movie is based on the first book in a series of fantasy novels. Up here in Ontario, 2 of the Catholic boards have removed the books from the shelves saying they are anti God. They say this because the author doesn’t believe in God. They removed the book after one rate payer( that means 1 tax payer complained). They even went so far as to say because the Scholastic forms for December which have the book as one that could be ordered by students and their parents they would not be handing the December forms out. When I first heard of this I got angry for several reasons but it really does come down to freedom to choose. It seems from what I have heard much of the religious right want the book banned.

I personally don’t think a movie could reduce my faith in God, either could a book, my faith is based on my belief in God not based in the world of utter fantasy. The book is just that a fantasy novel. It has won many awards and is worth the read according to this parent. By the way if you want to pick up the book on the cheap see the Scholastic order form.

Would I allow Roo to read it? Yes! Just as I let her read Harry Potter, and the Narnia series….they are well written books and don’t we as parents want to our children to be well rounded.Yes the imagery points to a struggle of the good verses the evil. Is the Catholic church that anal? To take away and say don’t read this, and oh by the way you can’t even have an order form where the book is listed because we don’t want it in your homes either,  what do they think it is going to do ? Rob kids of their faith? I think not. By banning a book that is well written we are robbing our children of a good read. We are raising smart children. Children that know what fantasy is, that know what faith is..Even at 9 Roo knows this and I trust that she will not lose her eternal soul for reading a really good fantasy book just because the author doesn’t believe. What happened to Canadian diversity and sharing with our children what is out there so they can tell right from wrong, so we can have dialogue. By taking the book off the shelves they stop dialogue and there is so much that we can learn from one another when we talk about what things ( including books mean and what they don’t). The Catholic boards have gotten it wrong this time and big time. This from a mom who loves God and wants Roo to know there is other ways to think too or how else we she ever come to a FAITH that is truly hers.

Today I am thankful for a faith that can question and be questioned and that is still real after it all. I believe in a loving God that gives us the choice to embrace him or not, and to even believe that he does not exist.

7 responses to “About The Golden Compass Debate

  1. I’m with ya, sistah.

    I don’t know squat about The Golden Compass except from the hoopla I’ve seen in the media regarding the Christian coalition’ wishes to see it banned and/or boycotted.

    I’m guessing it’s just another good/evil tale.

    Will it be seen as much different from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, which is filled with Christian allegory that most kids are absolutely oblivious to….I seriously doubt it.

    Who gives a squat if the author is atheistic, Muslim, Christian or agnostic….if it’s a good tale that transcends the pages of a book unto the big screen and tells a tale of a hero’s journey and adventure quest, then guess what? It will get gobbled up.

    I picked the book up a c ouple of weeks back but put it down again – it didn’t grab me as must-read. I may end up doing so because I’ve received e-mails, imploring me to ban it and pass it on.

    I will take my kids to it. And I’m sure they’ll enjoy it. They no more believe in the devil than I do, but they recognize good when they see it. And they recognize myth for what it is…stories as old as time.

  2. Well put. I don’t know that I am going to run out and see it but certainly won’t disuade if the opportunity comes to see it.

  3. Amen to Holy’s comment.

    While I’m a practicing Catholic, school boards can only have so much influence on what gets read in my house. We’re ‘smarter than the average bear’ and have the ability to make the right choices in our reading material.

  4. When I was born Punch & Judy played at the fair.
    Every puppet show Judy killed Punch and he came back at the end ok. So what has changed in 1000 or so years, nada. Same folks that complain, were brought up on Wanger and Tokien but that was ok.
    Their hippy roots, but thats ok. You are right that if it gets them to read, so be Harry Potter which Im reading now by the by. I object to any religon that steeps it self in blood every Sunday and has ritual body mutalation. I am so you know a Christian. Lastly you are also right that if faith is so week that a book a movie or a person will shake you from God, well then perhaps that seed was already set in shallow ground. In two thousand years every possible nasty thing has been said and done, and a great deal aginst Jesus Himself, but their gone and our Faith still remains.
    Peace and Love Via Con Dios Merry Christmas.
    PS thanks for the tip about the Golden Compass as I am getting copies for my grandchildern and there by get to read it myself.

  5. Imagine if it had been Muslims who had banned this book because of an imagined slight on their religion. Had the book mentioned Islam in this way, I’m sure there would have been cinema attacks and book burnings! For the record I’m an atheist, but even if I believed in something, I would be as incensed by this brainless removal of books. Surely religion shouldn’t have the power to decide what people do or do not read. Remember Nazi Germany, where texts that said anything different were burned? It isn’t many steps from what is happening in Canada to what happened there. Beware. Speak up for the power of free speech!

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  7. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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