Works For Me Wednesday- Backwards Day

  Over at Rocks in my Dryer, she is hosting another great Backwards Day. What is a Backwards works for me Day you ask? It is when I get to ask you a question that I really want to know the answer to… so we all know I am cheaper than cheap right? We also if you are a reader of mine know that I am in the Christmas spirit early. What is you favorite cheap or frugal Christmas tip? I may feature your comments as Christmas comes closer and I feature a tip a day. I of course would give you the credit.

Christmas Tip#6..Start your Christmas Card List now. Getting it done know helps with mail time. Check your country for mailing deadlines. Some of these are fast approaching if you are mailing overseas. Also think outside the box when it comes to your list. Do you really have to mail 100 cards out? Can you maybe do a Christmas Email or Blog?? Think about it…

Today I am thankful the ability to move and feel. This morning I woke up sore and stiff and had to think at least I can feel my limbs and move them all on my own esteem.

8 responses to “Works For Me Wednesday- Backwards Day

  1. I consider myself a bargain hunter as well. I hope you will share some of you ideas on my blog sometime. The more ideas the better! I will be back to visit again.

    Debbie aka The Real World Martha

  2. Check your local churches for free Christmas concerts. Can’t beat free. You’ll soon know which churches have professional quality singers and it gets you in the Christmas spirit real fast. A free night out. Many will even host small refreshments afterwards. The Los Angeles Opera came to our church and our adult and selected children from the children’s choir sang with the LA Opera. They did Noah’s Flood. They repeated the performance at the Los Angeles Cathedral. It was spectacular entertainment and it was FREE!! Of course that doesn’t happen everyday, but there are still great, free, church concerts out there. At the San Francisco Cathedral they host, year round, a free concert from different choirs all around the country each Sunday. You can also check some local private schools, some will have a free annual Christmas concert as a thank you to parents but anyone is welcome, you just have to know about it because they of course don’t advertise. Just call around, check websites, read church bulletins, ask parents of kids in private schools, call church choir directors and school music departments. Oh, and local universities have free concerts too (year round). Stanford gets singers and musicians from all over the world to perform free at their church.

  3. I shop all year round. I hit the bargain table of stores throughout the year and keep a box in the basment for gifts. Whenever something is really marked down, (that I think people might actaully like I grab it.) This way I usually have all my Christmas shopping done by Ocotber and am totally prepared for birthday parties should they arrise.
    I buy Christmas wrap and cards on boxing day and put them away for next year and we send our christmas cards via e-mail. That way, it’s free.

  4. I do my Christmas shopping all year. I browse the clearance sections and pick up all sorts of things. If something is really cheap, I may buy several. By December, I have a huge array of little gifty things. I buy inexpensive baskets, plastic tubs, or ceramic bowls, and make them into gift baskets for all my neighbors, friends and family. It’s always great fun, and everyone loves to get my baskets!

  5. Hey H,
    I tagged you! Just a little lighthearted fun…


    P.S. In no way am I ready for Christmas! I kind of dread all the hectic craze more and more every year. I ‘m going to have to start shopping much earlier so I can enjoy nov/dec more!

  6. My daughters and I all get together and make homemade cookies, cakes, candies and such and gather boxes which we cover with Christmas paper and line with foil…makes great Christmas gifts and wonderful family memories

  7. I keep track of all purchases with a spreadsheet and place the receipts in a manila envelope (I always purchase Christmas items on a separate ticket when I check out to keep it easy.) As the season wears on most of the items will be further discounted and I can easily take my receipt to the store for a price adjustment, or if the time limit has passed, I’ll pick up a duplicate item at the new better price and return the first item with my receipt. Also, take advantage of all the coupons and offers that come in the mail throughout the season. Last year I discarded several $10 off $75 Toys R Us coupons, thinking I didn’t have $75 worth of presents to buy there, but when I totalled my purchases from that store I had spent over $150 during several trips–a little extra planning could have saved me $20.

  8. This might not be a new one, but as I only just recently started mailing pacgages, I have started saving the boxes that my purchases say from GAP come in and using those to mail stuff to friends. I also follow this rule for my girls who tend to get stars in the eyes over all the shiny commercials. 1-Santa will probably get you the one think you want the most. If the elves got enough. 🙂 2-Santa loves to think of his own things and surprise you! :)(that one lets me-a)make sure books to read, art supplies, and stationary&stamps are all gifts. Inexpensive but come in loads of great styles kids love. Even cute novelty pens are a big hit in our house, because with 4 kids, I rarely get to indulge them in check point purchases throughout the year. 🙂
    b)get stuff they need-a great time to redecorate a room is Christmas vacationc) I write “coupons” for things I know will be on sale -like “GOOD FOR 1 COOL SWEATSHIRT AT STORE OF YOUR CHOICE” which buys me time until after Christmas sales and another payday!

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