Starting to Feel A Bit Like Christmas

Tis starting to feel a bit like Christmas. Yes all the store are quickly getting to into Christmas gear, and you truly know the season is at hand when The Bay on Yonge St reveals its Christmas window, they are a site and a tradition here in To.

Well here at Castle a La Cheap Mom we too are getting into the spirit so much so that guess what we broke out this weekend. The Christmas decorations.We went through the box, checked it once, checked it twice, and then began can I say this out loud — to decorate! Last year because we were tree less till just a few days before the holiday I really didn’t get to enjoy the season. So this year I am starting early! But then again I really love the season..

We are using an artificial tree, and have all the decorations we will need for the season minus a table cloth( can you figure out where I will be looking for one this week?).

Christmas Tip #4– When getting out your Christmas decorations why not try and save some green and use LED lights. We switched to these last years and for pennies our tree was well lite while not wasting much electricity…So be good on your pocket book and go green.

Today I am thankful for a daughter who loves Christmas as much as I do! Decorating with her after a hard morning of school work. (She finished her Emperor Scorpion project this morning) was so much fun. We laughed and giggled and remembered where and when each ornament came into our home. It truly was a great afternoon of fun.  

3 responses to “Starting to Feel A Bit Like Christmas

  1. Good Morning! The bad news is , you didn’t WIN my contest. 😦
    The good news is , your creative comment won you a RUNNER UP prize. Check my blog or your email…!

  2. As much as I hate that “Christmas comes earlier each year” I can’t wait to get my decorations up! And part of the fun is remembering where those decorations come from.

  3. I am waiting for the day where people are not only concentrated on living environmentally friendly at Christmas time, yet all days of the year. That will be a great accomplishments to see all households live in a green house and use green products. How amazing would that be! This website i found gives some great examples about how to convert your living style into an environmentally friendly one! I hope you guys find it as helpful as i did. Have a great day.

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