Um Um Um I hate to Mention It

 Today I woke up and thought what a great day for a walk around my favorite sites, and then I realized I have much work to do! Why?

Because Christmas is in 55 days!

I know Halloween hasn’t even passed yet and here I am thinking of Christmas, but in this house I am not only getting ready for Christmas but both me and Roo have birthdays over the holidays! Can you say stress for this cheap mom!

There are lists to be made, gifts to be made, visiting to be done, don’t forget parties to attend, concerts to listen to and so much more. This time of year makes us get to Jan 3rd( the day after Roo’s birthday) and collapse in exhaustion.

Well NOT this year! Being the wonderful cheap mom that I am I have a plan-  boycott Christmas!

Not really but I think this year I am ahead of the game and will be able to pull off a frugal Christmas, that still exudes the excitement that comes with the season…so for the next 55 days look ahead with me to that great day, and lots of frugal tips along the way.

TIP#1: Decide what about Christmas is important to you and your family. Make this the theme of your Christmas. Christmas is a time for traditions and values to come to a forefront.

Here in our house what matters most is family time! So there will be lots of that as we work, shop and play together this holiday season.

2 responses to “Um Um Um I hate to Mention It

  1. We’ve simplified gift giving among the adults in our family – we draw only one name each. It’s made Christmas far less stressful with all the next generation of kids in the picture now. We all focus on the kids’ gifts instead. 🙂

  2. I always try to get the family to pick names because I loved the handpicked specialness of that.

    It doesn’t always work. But I have cut out most all gift giving and receiving now.

    My preference is to only give gifts that are handmade. Doesn’t always pan out but you’re right – now that Halloween is over, it’s Christmastime. Alothough in the US, there’s this little holiday called Thanksgiving in between. But we’ve been there done that weeks ago so I’m onto Christmas now, too.

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