OH No Halloween is Almost Here!

 Roo and I have been so busy this fall and now  Halloween is less then a week away! Lucky for me I won $90 in Gift Certificates to Value Village. I went shopping there yesterday and it was a madhouse of people trying to get ready for that big night. They say 2/3 of all Canadians will do something to celebrate that night with the average family spending at least $60 to enable them to celebrate whether that be in getting the perfect costume, or stocking up on candy, or how bout those outdoor decorations.

Roo and I were talking about how we could do a make do costume with what we have here in the house and that way we get away with a cheap Halloween. Well as we were planning my girlfriend  calls from a costume shop and tells me she is buying Roo’s Hallowen costume. So Roo was gifted a costume this year…so she will be a beautiful mermaid.

But as we planned and talked there were and are lots of ideas out there for a very frugal Halloween night.

Here are some of our favorites:

  • a bunch of grapes: An oversize dark-green shirt and green leggings are the base for a bunch of grapes. A bag of round green or purple( Roo wanted purple) balloons are inflated and pinned to the shirt. A brown hat is the stem.
  • A plain black large T-shirt is painted with “bones” to become a skeleton. Wear with black leggings
  • An artist can be made with a red beret and a paint smock, paintbrush and an artists palette can be made using cardboard and craft paint.
  • From the WIZ we thought of the the tin man using grey sweats and top, aluminum foil, and cardboard and for the hat a funnel covered in foil.
  • You could go as a tree. A large brown t-shirt and leggings becomes a tree trunk. From the dollar store, plastic vines and leaves, a stuffed squirrel, butterflies or apples could be added to the tree.
  • Last year Roo went as a pirate that we created here at home, with old jeans that we cut off, an old white shirt of mine that we cut up as well, and a bandanna and eye patch were gotten for $1 at the dollar store.

Well hope that gets you thinking about the great night ahead next week.  Are you going out? are your kids if so as what? and how are you making it cheaper then cheap?

3 responses to “OH No Halloween is Almost Here!

  1. I love cheaper than cheap costumes…

    I’ve done the tinfoil thing – in my druggie high school days, I went as a chunk of hash – wrapped myself in tinfoil and used brown makeup pencil to color my skin – pathetic I know but it was a last minute desperation costume and it worked for the university frat house party I was going to.

    I know people who took gargage/trash, stuck it to themselves, wore an overcoat, carried a windblown inside out umbrella, messed up their hair, and went as a windblown couple.

    I’ve gone as bbq chicken – I have a cloth chicken mask, so then I wore white thermal underwear, dish gloves on my feet, donned an apron and carried bbq sauce and utensils in my apron pocket. This, too, was a rather pathetic costume but I was comfy.

    I’ve also done the cow thing – black track pants, cow mask and ears, and I used a macrame plant holder as my tail – unravelled it and sewed it onto my butt and it was a perfect mix of black and brown, and then I used a latex glove, filled it with milk poked holes and had a real milking. That was a group thing – we all won trips to Florida on that so it was worth the milking part.

    And we’ve gone as three blind mice – shades, mice ears, white canes and grey track suits.

    And a zillion other el cheapo costume ideas. I’d rather make it than buy it.

    This year for Holy Daughter, she wants to be a flower in a pot. I found a nice forest green hoodie scarf from the Goodwill that she will wear as a head-to-toe dress with a long sleeve green shirt underneath. And she will use her pink ballet tutu as the flower petals around her head and then we’ll find a plastic pot from Home Depot, cut out the bottom and slip it over her hips.

    Thank God for that – she originally wanted to be a bunch of blueberries – she would have cried everytime a blue balloon was popped.

    Happy Halloween! You’ll have to post pics of Roo

  2. We’re doing homemade this yr as well. C will be a cat and B will be viking. 😉

    I’ve been an Oreo cookie before (blk garbage bag with white construction paper taped to the sides for the frosting filling.)


  3. Great Ideas. I *hate* trying to work out dress-ups for our kids. Halloween isn’t big here so not something we have to worry about really. But there are other times when the kids need dress-ups….. I’m just not all that creative really.

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