Fall Fair

Today was the fall fair at my daughter’s school. Because the weather was decent we were able to do it outside, but because it was a windy day can you say fly away home! I was working the raffle table all day and well we had to tape down EVERYTHING so it would not fly away home.

The goal was to have a garbage-less event and I think we did well. It was not totally garbage-less but I think we made a very good effort. Much of what was waste was compostable or recyclable so that is good. So we made a good effort in going green this year.

As I said I worked the raffle table so of course I was going to enter, right! I bought $10 worth of tickets ( 6 tickets) and ended up winning 4 of the baskets! Can you say lucky girl! I won about $200 worth of stuff from large canvas tote bag, to shopping gift certificates, to pizza certificates to a Casa Loma family pass. I couldn’t believe when our names were called that many times! Call us lucky!

Well this wind burned mom is exhausted so it is time for a bath and a cup of peppermint tea, may you all be as lucky as we were.

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